Choosing the name of the company

Option 1 - Choose a pre-approved name

The fastest and least expensive way is to choose your company name, is to choose from the list of 
pre-approved names, on the "Empresa na Hora" website. The firms selected are only assigned in the process of creating the company. See the list on this link:

Option 2 - Choose a name to your liking

If you want to choose the name of your company to your liking, you will have to ask in advance for a certificate of admissibility of the name you want. This request can be made online at the RNPC website, but it is not guaranteed that the name will be accepted. Being accepted, you will receive the relevant certificate about 10 days later. The cost is 75,00€ (or 150,00 € being an urgent request which takes only 1 day). The amount will be paid at the time of the online request, and you can choose 3 names in order of preference. If none is approved, you be abble to restate the request.

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